Kingwood Meat Market LLC - Custom Processing & Tacos to Go

Breakfast Tacos $1.99 
(Served until 11am)
Pan Sausage/egg
Breakfast Burritos$6.50

Coffee $1.85
Lunch & Dinner Tacos $2.35 
 (Served from 11am-closing)

 Barbacoa (1.99)
Beef Fajita
Chicken Fajita
Carne Guisada
Chicharron in salsa

Mini Taco Plate (4) $5.50
(includes grilled onions & 1 Pepper)

(includes meat of your choice, beans,cheese,pico de gallo)

Taco Bowls-$7.00
(includes meat of your choice, rice, beans,lettuce, tomato,cheese)

( includes 32oz menudo and 2 tortillas of your choice)
Add on to any taco:
Avocado .50 cents
Pico de gallo .25 cents
White cheese .25 cents
Yellow cheese .25 cents
Potatoes .25 cents
Rice .25 cents
Lettuce .25 cents
Tomatoes .25 cents
Eggs .25 cents
Extra meat $1.00
Tortas $6.50
(includes choice of meat,lettuce, tomato,beans, and avocado)
Barbacoa,Carne Guisada, & Carnitas by the Pound $7.99
Quesadillas  $2.99-$6.00
(your choice of meat and cheese)
(includes choice of meat, beans, cilantro, & onion)
Lunch Burritos $6.50
(includes, beans, choice of meat, rice, pico, & cheese)
 Lunch & Dinner Plates $6.50
(Served Monday-Sunday 11am-closing)
Served with 1 choice of meat, rice/beans & 2 tortillas of your choice
Fajitas by the Pound Meals
(Served with rice/beans, pico, salsa & 4 tortillas of your choice)
Chicken- $19.99
Mixed- $20.99
Beef- $21.99
Fajitas by the Pound
Chicken- $10.99
Mixed- $12.99
Beef- $13.99
Rice- $1.50-4.50 
Beans- $1.50-4.50
Pico de gallo- $1.50-5.00
Salsa- $1.50-5.00
Fruit Cups-$5.00 (seasonal)
Chips & Queso-$9.00(12oz cup of queso)
Homemade Flour & Corn Tortillas
.35 cents each
3 for $ 1.00
1 dozen (Corn or Flour)- $4.00
Catering and Prices
(includes choice of meat, rice, beans, & 2 tortillas per person.)
Individual Breakfast Tacos-2.25
Individual Lunch Tacos-2.35
Trays of Rice, Beans, & Salsa
Small Trays-20.00 (15-25 people) 
Large Trays-40.00 (25-50 people)
* price is per tray of each item above individually
All Catering orders include salsa and fixings.
Aluminum trays are provided for catering, warmers are not included.
Call 281-359-0129 for any questions on catering. Deposit is required on catering orders.
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